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Geography at UW Oshkosh

Geography is the scientific study of spatial relationships and patterns in both human and physical worlds and how those patterns affect each other. Geography incorporates ideas from the social sciences and the natural sciences; from ecosystems to computer science, from digging up soil cores to interviewing immigrants. This broad focus allows students to pursue diverse interests within the field.

Human geography: How did configurations of people, their employment, their identities, cultures and ages come into being in a particular place at a particular time, and how might they change in the future? An ever-growing social science that seeks to explain, understand, question, interpret, and sometimes propose improvements to the world and the people who live in it.

Physical geography: What are the biophysical processes that shape the different environments on the planet and how did they come to be? How are these processes changing over time due to biophysical and human influences? How do we measure and represent that change?

Customize Your Pathway

Focus on environmental analysis, regional studies, computer and spatial analysis, human-environment interactions, cultural studies, or whatever you find interesting

Go Places

We offer multiple study abroad and field courses including in Yellowstone National Park, Germany, and Belize

Growing Field

Most major corporations hire geographers (and pay them well) to analyze people’s patterns of movement, where they frequent, where they spend their money, and how to get them there

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